Fórum – Anime konvence One Piece/ where to find?

#8100 Yohohoho_family_Polska, 3. 12. 2016, 20:35:43
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Moshi moshi!
We are group of fans and cosplayers of One Piece from Poland and we are search for people from fandom and One Piece cosplayers living close Poland. Also we are search to information about fantasy and manga convents around your Country. We'll be glad for share some informations about time and location of anime convents in Prauge and north part of your country. We planned to visit some convets in Chech Republic at 2017. horké pozdravy vas
P.S. please check out our cosplay fandom facebook site https://www.facebook.com/slodziakionepiece/?fref=ts

#8101 AngeeCz, 3. 12. 2016, 22:41:32
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Hey, thanks alot for visiting our webpage!
Generally, the three main conventions in our country are Animefest (held every year at the beginning of May in Brno for three days, always on a weekend), Advik (held every year at the end of July in Prague, usually for about four or five days, I'm not exactly sure right now) and Akicon (at the end of October or beginning of November in Prague, also three days). All of those are anime conventions with loads of interesting competitions, discussions, workshops etc. etc., you surely have enough experience with conventions to know this. Though the conventions are aiming mainly for anime and manga, you can meet lots of game or movie related cosplayers and some workshops are even in English (on Animefest in particular is one awesome guy every year, who makes very fun workshops in english), though I don't think it's such a problem for the Polish to understand czech anyways. Of course, there's alot of smaller conventions everywhere around the country and very often, people interested in cosplay and anime make some meet-ups etc. Usuall stuff, really.

Anyway, I'm really glad to see and actual One Piece related group here, especially since it's coming from Poland! In the Czech Republic, there's no OP cosplayers group anymore (there was one, but they kind of started doing different games/animes, so they're not doing One Piece anymore), though you can meet plenty OP cosplayers if you decide to visit.
Well, thanks again for visiting our page, hope I managed to answer at least some of your questions. If you'd like, you can ask some more or send me a private message, whichever you'd like.

#10803 Franky, 15. 5. 2018, 20:02:18
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neni tu zadny offtopic topic a neche sa mi ho vytvarat ale dnes sa musim pochvalit mojou foliou na auto . je proste epicka :D

#10806 Luffy94, 15. 5. 2018, 22:51:32
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To si vylepíš na kapotu?

#10807 Franky, 16. 5. 2018, 7:38:17
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tomu ver :D

#10808 Deidara, 16. 5. 2018, 9:52:08
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Tak to pak nezapomeň poslat výsledek :D

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